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Hypnotherapy in Leamington Spa 

Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

“The thought of being hypnotised or not being in control worried me slightly until I spoke to Gemma on the telephone and she completely put me at ease. I would absolutely recommend Gemma if you, like me, have tried everything else to give up smoking and have failed. I was made to feel at ease from the moment I arrived. The treatment room was very calming.  


I have only needed one session and am pleased to say I am on week number 7 and have never felt so positive about becoming a non-smoker and staying that way. I was spending £200 per month and smoking 20 per day. I am looking at getting out of council accommodation with the savings I am making.  


Thank you Gemma you will never know what it means to have succeded, finally and no I have no intention of ever smoking again.




Quitting by 30 “cuts female smokers” risk of early death!


Women who give up smoking by the age of 30 will almost completely reduce the risks of dying young from tobacco-related diseases, according to research published in the Lancet.The study of 1.2 million women suggests that those who stopped smoking by 40 died a year younger than non-smokers and those who stopped by 30 lost, on average, a month of life.Health experts have warned that this was not a licence for the young to smoke. Read more


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