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Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Overcome fear of flying
Hi Gemma,

Just wanted to thank you so very much for everything you did to help Chloe, with amazing results! We are back from holiday now and both wanted to let you know how her flights went :)

We checked in on Saturday and were waiting in the departure lounge, she felt absolutely fine at this point, which was wonderful! She had even eaten some food! Then we heard our flight had been cancelled, and to cut a long story short we had to go home and look for alternative flights as Ryanair couldn't offer us another flight until Tuesday. We managed to get flights on the Monday, Birmingham to Dusseldorf, six hours in that airport, then Dusseldorf to Palma. Of course, we asked Chloe how she would feel about this, it was totally her call... what a situation to find ourselves in! She was so keen to get on our holiday rather than miss yet another day that she said she thought she could manage it. So, slightly apprehensively, we went ahead and booked those.

Monday came, the departure lounge was much busier than on the Saturday. That, combined with knowing the flight was ahead, she did feel a bit anxious. We talked, she used some of the tools you had taught her and managed to get it under control. She did brilliantly. We carried on to the departure gate, and just prior to boarding, also anxious, but managed to get that under control too. This is exactly where she felt it most in her final session with you so I was ready prepared to offer support and get her through, but she coped amazingly, mostly by herself, again with what she has been taught :) From that point on Gemma, we never looked back! Perfectly fine on the flight, fine in Dusseldorf, and the best news, fine boarding the flight in Dusseldorf to Palma. Couldn't believe it, she was so very proud of herself!! As were we :)

Five days later, at Palma airport, laughing and joking with her sister in the airport, making videos and taking pictures out of the aircraft window, even just relaxing because she was bored! It seemed so far away from the girl who started her three sessions with you only 2 weeks prior, actually unbelievable!

Gemma, you have worked a miracle and we can never thank you enough, I really mean that, If we ever need any help with anything at all, you will always be our first port of call, I guarantee that. Thank you so so much.

Hope you have a fantastic time on your holiday to Australia.

Many thanks, again, and very best wishes,

Kelly & Chloe
Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Overcome feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unhappy
"Fabulous results from Hypnotherapy"
Thanks to Gemma King Hypnotherapy my life is back on track. I first decided to visit Gemma because of location to my work and convenience for appointments, along with the fact that her website had a photo and video of her which made me feel comfortable prior to any meeting.

I was in a state of feeling stuck, bored, overwhelmed and overall, unhappy, but I couldn't work out why as my life is awesome.

Through Hypnotherapy with Gemma we worked through various sessions, about 4 I believe and came to a point of realising that the running theme in my life seemed to be disappointment. Disappointment that was then continuing to make me feel more disappointed, dissatisfied in all that I was doing or achieving, not positive at all which is the complete opposite to how I actually am. This disappointment stemmed right back to childhood yet it was rearing its head in my adult life and truly making it a misery.

Throughout our sessions and since then my life has turned around, I am overall happier, business is booming beyond belief (it wasn't whilst I was on the disappointment horse) I am achieving greater things and feel incredibly content with all that is happening in my life.

I can highly recommend Gemma King Hypnotherapy for all the above reasons. Her studio is confidential, calming and non-judgmental. Easy street parking right outside in a quiet cul-de-sac is an absolute added bonus too. Thank you Gemma.
Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Overcome Anxiety and Confidence issues
Hello. this is Sophie, I had a 4 session with you a couple of months ago and just thought I'd let you know how I have been getting on. I feel a lot better in myself and the sessions have definitely helped, I feel more confident and can answer the door even when I'm home alone.

I was supposed to let you know a while back if I wanted any more sessions, but I wanted to see how I was getting on with school and going out more, after a few long months I feel that I won't be needing any more sessions at the minute, however if I am ever in need of any help hopefully I can come to you. Thanks for all of the amazing support and help, I am forever grateful x
Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Stop Smoking
Hi Gemma
I just wanted to get in touch to say a huge thank you. I attended a stop smoking session with you on 8th January and I've not looked back since. Not a single craving, just a wonderful release.
Thanks again; what a difference.
All the best
Hypnotherapy Review: Overcoming the fear of Swallowing tablets
My daughter who is 15 years old had a consultation with Gemma 3 weeks ago. Gemma was very welcoming and spent time making her feel relaxed and discussed in detail why she wanted to see her. After this initial meeting we felt that some Hypnosis treatment would be beneficial in helping overcome her fear of swallowing tablets. She has literally had 2 sessions following the initial consultation and is now able to swallow tablets and is absolutely delighted as am I. I would highly recommend Gemma, a lovely lady!
Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Social Anxiety
​Hi Gemma
I had sessions with you last year to overcome my fear of social anxiety. I just wanted to leave you a message to say how much my life has changed because of you! Before I struggled to leave the house without having a mini break down. Speaking in front of others was horrible and my self-esteem was just so low. Since having hypnotherapy I feel like I have become more confident and am enjoying life more.
Thank you so much
Hypnotherapy Review: Weight Loss and Improved Attitude towards Food.
I'm still delighted with my greatly improved attitude towards food. I am losing small amounts of weight still (1 lb last week) but I am happy and content with my weight and no longer 'beat myself up' about anything I eat. Ever! I'm still listening to your CD regularly. I love having 20 minutes or so to myself to relax and refocus my energies. I'm so glad I came to see you, you've changed my attitude to food and freed me from the negative feelings I've always had about eating. Thank you for all your help Gemma.
Hypnotherapy Review: Best Man's Speech 
 I fully recommend seeing Gemma for Hypnotherapy!I was feeling anxious about giving a best man's speech and generally lacking in confidence. I went to Gemma for a free consultation and knew instantly she was the person to help me overcome anxiety, Gemma is friendly and her studio is quiet and relaxing. From that consultation i block booked 4 sessions for the following 4 weeks leading up to the speech. From the very first session there was a noticeable difference in my confidence and attitude towards giving the speech. Fast forward 4 weeks and in the words of other people i "nailed the speech", I couldn't be happier with the results, it has been that significant it's sparked an urge to do more public speaking!! Thank you so much Gemma, I really appreciate all you have done for me. Sean
Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Fear of Flying
Hi Gemma. Just to let you know I had a fantastic trip, the flight was really bumpy but i read for a bit then fell asleep. coming back was fine, I didn't even hear the engine noises . many thanks for your help, it made such a difference. Brill
Hypnotherapy Testimonial
I already feel like I'm stepping in the right direction after just one session. I felt revived and ready to take on new challenges. I have had hypnotherapy before but nothing like this, absolutely incredible.
Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Changing eating Habits
Its early days yet, but I feel the outcome was very positive. I certainly see things differently and question my motives for eating now and I'm more aware of hunger.
Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Fear of being sick
Been a year since I started getting better, cheers again for everything, I've had the best year of my life, I literally can not thank you enough. 
Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Essential Tremor
Having suffered with tremors for many years, which was getting significantly worse, I was recommended to try hypnotherapy with Gemma. She was very welcoming on my first visit and I felt confident she could help me. In 4 sessions Gemma helped me to relax and learn methods to help me take control of the tremors with self hypnosis. Even after the sessions finished I'm able to use the methods I've been taught, which I use everyday to help me overcome my problem.
Hypnotherapy Review: Stop Smoking
I went to Gemma to stop social smoking in Sept 2012. I had given up for over 8 years previously but unfortunately over a period of a year had slowly got into social smoking 3 times week! I was going down the slippery slope of being a full time smoker again. I was so annoyed with myself but couldn't stop.

​I haven't touched a cigarette since Sept 2012 and would really go back to Gemma if I felt it creeping back in. Luckily I have turned into a typical ex-smoker and can't stand it. I came out of the session feeling in control of my life again, such a great experience. Thank you Gemma and sorry this review is late, I finally got round to it. :)

Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Fear of Flying

Your sessions definitely made my whole holiday much more pleasurable! The flights were absolutely fine and although I got a little bit nervous before taking off all the rest of the flight was absolutely fine. sometimes in the holiday I'd feel a bit  panicky about the flight home, I'd put your CD on (downloaded onto my Iphone) and I'd put my headphones in and listen to it all before going to sleep!
Thank you very very much, I appreciated it, I enjoyed my holiday and your hypnotherapy sessions certainly helped.

Hypnotherapy Testimonial:Fear of being sick

I thought it was going to be hard to get better, turned out to be really simple and really quick. The sessions with Gemma physcially and mentally changed my mindset and has made me the man I am today, the sessions were actually quite fun and relaxing. As long as you keep your mind open and focus on what Gemma is telling you, after each session you will always come out feeling stronger, happier and more daring.
So so happy now! Top notch stuff

Hypnotherapy Testimonial: weight Loss

You may remember your attempts in the summer to help me to lose weight, like vegetables and enjoy washing up. Well it worked. Since July 18th I have lost one stone and two pounds and my doctor informs me that my sugar reading is down by 23% which is very good news. I have learnt to like vegetables and I now rarely eat meat. I am still working on the washing up but I do this three or four times a week so I guess that we can claim a partial success. I hope that things are well with you and I wish you a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

Hypnotherapy Review


I had tried hypnotherapy a couple of times before with no real success. I saw Gemma advertised through groupon and decided to see Gemma for weight loss. Having been overweight for the majority of my life, tried every diet going and tablets from the doctor and having lost 5 stone historically, I still struggled with my weight on a daily basis. After my 3 treatments with Gemma I lost over 2 stone without even thinking or feeling like I was dieting. I'm still not totally sure how it worked but it did. I wish I had found Gemma years ago.

Gemma has also helped me with another psychological issue that I've had for nearly 30 years in one session! And she didn't even put me into trance with that one. I think of Gemma as my miracle worker. Gemma is very professional, friendly and caring. She ensures that she gathers relevant information prior to treatment so she can decide the best type of treatment for you. She's always keen to know how you're getting on even after the treatment has finished. 

For me personally with my two problems I feel a weight and burden has been lifted and I wouldn't hesitate to see Gemma again. In fact the sessions were so relaxing I wish I could have one every week! I don't know if Gemma realises the improvement that she contributes to in peoples lives but I for one am very grateful I found Gemma. I would recommend anyone seek Gemmas help if they need it.


Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Stop Smoking


"I am doing well, it was 11 weeks on Friday just gone without a cigarette. It has really helped, I still get the odd craving but that is it".


Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Weight Loss

Now, I want to thank you for helping me to fight my weight problem and for the first time getting rid of surplus weight without 'going on a diet', or feeling continually deprived. 

My weight now is 10 stones and 12 lbs, two stones lighter than when I started and as I am eating normally it has become a way of life rather than a diet that I will eventually stop following. It has been slow and hard but I am getting there. 

I have a chart showing my weight loss and that puts a 'picture' on the success. When I look at food I continually assess whether I really need to eat or not and act accordingly. It has also been good on the pocket as I do not feel I need to treat myself with food when I go shopping or when I feel low. 


Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Stop Smoking

"I am still a non smoker - I can confirm to you i am an history of success and i must say that my life has been  very difficult and complicated and even with great amount of stress i haven't gone back to my old habit.

To be completely honest one day that something big happened in terms of emotional stress i reached for the cigarettes and i smoked about 4 roll ups, i didnt hate them or love them - simply my mind had this strong thought ..saying to myself ..laura you are not a smoker ..and then i didn't continue smoking.

I dont miss the cigarettes and i am glad i dont smoke any more, I am also glad that I did smoke those 4 cigarettes as that helped to confirm to me that i didn't want to continue. I had no more fear to fall for it as i didnt want to do it from a very real place.

I am very thankful to you for the help and i am glad that i have managed to trust the part of my mind that wants to be a healthy version of myself...thank you very much,  i can enjoy a cup of coffee on it own and be satisfied with it.


Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Fear of Flying 

“I sought help from Gemma when I was placed in a position of having to travel by aeroplane not having flown for a very long time.  I was concerned I would not be able to cope with the experience but I need not have worried.  Gemma worked an absolute miracle and I did not experience any concerns either before or during the flight and, in fact, found the flight exhilarating.   

I was able to take advantage of an initial meeting so I was able to meet with Gemma before the hypnotherapy sessions commenced.  I was so impressed with Gemma’s calm and friendly approach and she put me at ease straight away which took away the embarrassment I was feeling.  

I was so impressed that I have now sought Gemma’s assistance again, this time to help me lose weight.  Again Gemma has worked a miracle and I am very slowly losing weight.  I cannot praise Gemma highly enough and would not hesitate to recommend her.”  


Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Obtrusive Thoughts

For the past 3 years I have suffered with obtrusive thoughts since having my daughter, they have got easier to dismiss in the last year but they still troubled me, I booked to see Gemma to help me move on from these thoughts!

 I found Gemma welcoming, non Judgemental (as I found my reason for being there hard to talk about) and I felt at ease in her company. With these factors in mind I found it easy to relax and  allow myself to get into an hypnotic state of mind.  Walking away from my first session I had instant positive results and using Gemmas CD which I listened to every night allowed me to continue and practice a different way of thinking.

I only had 2 sessions which I felt was enough for me. As a result of seeing Gemma I feel a lot  more calmer and therefore now I rarely have these obtrusive thought and when I do I can allow them to pass without them upsetting me.  


Hypnotherapy Review: Panic Attacks 

Having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for the best part of a year, I decided to try hypnotherapy. From first speaking to Gemma in my pre-treatment assessment, I was made to feel very confident that the issues I have experienced could be promptly addressed and treated. This was in no small part to Gemma’s obvious passion on the subject and her relaxed manner which immediately made me feel comfortable.

In just two sessions, we were able to uncover some of the root causes behind my anxiety and put some fixes in place to remove my panic attacks, thus reducing my general anxiety. This has enabled me to become far more positive and feel much more like my old self. 

I am very happy that I decided to try hypnotherapy and extremely happy that I chose Gemma as my hypnotist. I am very happy with the results from just two sessions and would gladly recommend Gemma to anyone considering hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy Review: Quit Smoking  

The thought of being hypnotised or not being in control worried me slightly until I spoke to Gemma on the telephone and she completely put me at ease. I would absolutely recommend Gemma if you, like me, have tried everything else to give up smoking and have failed. I was made to feel at ease from the moment I arrived. The treatment room was very calming. 

I have only needed one session and am pleased to say I am on week number 7 and have never felt so positive about becoming a non-smoker and staying that way. I was spending £200 per month and smoking 20 per day. I am looking at getting out of council accommodation with the savings I am making. 

Thank you Gemma you will never know what it mean to have succeded, finally and no I have no intention of ever smoking again.


Hypnotherapy Review: Weight Loss  

I went to see Gemma in December to see if she could help me with my association of "seeing food and eating it".Throughout and since the sessions finished, I have got rid of a stone and half in weight and have found that I no longer eat food just because it is there in front of me and yet I am still able to enjoy all my favourite foods. Gemma was professional, offered me support throughout the sessions and was a good listener. 


Gemma King Hypnotherapy Review  

I found Gemma to be very professional and knowledgeable regarding hypnotherapy. She helped me to get over some apprehension and afterwards I realised she was absolutely right in what she said and she really helped me to take a step into the unknown which turned out to be so easy and enjoyable! I would definitely recommend Gemma to other people looking for hypnotherapy near Leamington Spa. 


Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Quit Smoking 

Hello Gemma,I'm happy, no, proud to report that your session was a complete success ;-).I haven't smoked since. I must confess that I still get the occasional subconscious scream for a cigarette, but a return to our agreed mantra seems to do the trick. So, thank you a thousand times.


Hypnotherapy Testimonial: Group Weight Loss  

I attended one of Gemma’s group weight loss sessions, and I have been amazed how it has worked. The whole concept revolves around listening to your body and just eating what you need when you are hungry, and it was a complete revelation for me. 

I enjoyed the sessions themselves and every week I went away with renewed enthusiasm for the programme. Most importantly of all – it works! As someone who did not have a lot of weight to lose I was not sure if it would work for me, but I am really pleased. 

I am wearing clothes again I had written off and I just feel so much happier generally, as I am no longer struggling with “dieting” – I just eat when I am hungry. I am also confident I can keep doing this for the rest of my life – no more yo-yoing. I would not hesitate to recommend Gemma to others.