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Hypnotherapy in Leamington Spa 

Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

What is the difference between a fear and a phobia? 

A fear is a natural reaction and it is there to keep you safe from harm and danger, a fear of heights is a good thing to have as it stops us from putting ourselves in dangerous situations however if it stops us from walking up a flight of stairs that is when it can be considered a phobia. 


What is a Phobia? 

A Phobia is an irrational fear that can quite often take control over your life, you may find yourself avoiding situations, turning down opportunities and reacting to your fear in unreasonable way, that you wish you could change. 

You may find yourself feeling silly or embarrassed by your response to your phobia however it is to be taken seriously and can very much effect your life and the level of enjoyment you can experience from everyday activities. 
At Gemma King Hypnotherapy I see many people with Fears and Phobias the most common being fear of Spiders, Heights, Flying, Dentists, Animals and Public speaking. 

Phobias can develop for many different reasons, you may of inherited it from a family member or friend, it could be due to you having a negative experience or it could simply have developed without you having the first idea of where it came from.

I sought help from Gemma when I was placed in a position of having to travel by aeroplane not having flown for a very long time.  I was concerned I would not be able to cope with the experience but I need not have worried.  

Gemma worked an absolute miracle and I did not experience any concerns either before or during the flight and, in fact, found the flight exhilarating" Louise

How hypnotherapy can help you put an end to your fears and phobias? 
 At Gemma King Hypnotherapy the most up to date techniques are used combing Hypnotherapy and NLP, these techniques can help to uncover the reasons behind your fear or phobia and desensitise the event so it no longer causes a negative response. This can help you to respond to the situation or object in a calm and controlled way and feel much happier. 
The techniques that I use can effectively help you to make changes to the way that you think, feel and behave so you can be free from your Phobia and get the best out of life.