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Hypnotherapy in Leamington Spa 

Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Many people fear or worry about test situations, driving test nerves can effect anyone; you may feel like you are going to forget everything you have been taught or worry about how you will respond to your examiners instructions.

A little bit of nerves can help us perform well, however these feelings can sometimes become overwhelming and effect our performance, stopping us from achieving our full potential.

Issues associated with driving test nerves.......
  • feeling anxious in the days and weeks leading up to your test
  • worry about forgetting what you have learnt
  • worry about the inability to take the examiners instructions correctly
  • comparing yourself to others, especially those who passed first time
  • worry that you are not ready for your test
  • feeling sick, dry mouth, butterflies in your stomach
  • shaking, trembling hands
  • lack of focus and concentration

You may find the more you experience and worry about and these things the more your
anxiety increases, this can result in your nerves getting out of control which can cause stress
and panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy can help you feel calm and relaxed, so you feel ready for your driving test!
Hypnotherapy and NLP combined can help you to uncover the reasons to your anxiety and help you visualise taking your driving test in a calm, confident and relaxed state of mind. By rehearsing your driving test through to a successful conclusion in your imagination your mind can be pre-programmed for success. This can help you restore your confidence and feelings of being in control so you can tackle your driving test feeling calm and relaxed.

How hypnotherapy can help you
  • Learn to control feelings of anxiety
  • Increase Confidence
  • Visualise your driving test through to a successful conclusion
  • Learn simple techniques to help you feel calm, confident and relaxed on the day of your test
  • Learn self-hypnosis

You will be given a self-hypnosis CD to use on the run up to your Driving test to help you feel
calm, relaxed and in control.

The aim is for you to regain focus and pass your driving test, staying calm and relaxed during
your test. Even the most confident people have a little bit of nerves... don’t worry though as
when you are in control of these nerves it can give you the extra edge you need.